Vermont Businessman and Author Jack T. Scully Launches ‘Mianus Village’
Vermont Businessman and Author Jack T. Scully Launches ‘Mianus Village’

COLCHESTER, VERMONT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 2, 2024 / — Jack T. Scully, a distinguished Vermont businessman and writer, releases his latest literary masterpiece, “Mianus Village.” Drawing from his own experiences growing up in a government housing project on the banks of the Mianus River, Scully’s collection of poems offers a vivid glimpse into a bygone era.

As a seasoned writer with an appreciation for storytelling, Jack T. Scully has honed his craft over the years. He balances a successful career in marketing along with his passion for literature. From publishing short stories and poems in little presses to writing editorials for newspapers, Scully has always remained true to the creative process.

When asked about why Scully wrote about “Mianus Village,” the author had the following comments to offer, “This book is a reflection of my deep-rooted connection to my childhood home and the people who inhabited it. Through vivid descriptions and evocative imagery, I wish to transport readers to the rough and tumble atmosphere of a government housing development established for World War II veterans. I hope my work inspires individuals and lets them see a glimpse into the simple life that we lived in Mianus Village.”

Indeed, the poems in “Mianus Village” are windows into a world filled with laughter and hardship. Scully’s writing is vigorous as it captures the essence of life in Mianus Village with wit and graphic detail. Each poem tells a story that pulls the reader forward at breakneck speed, leaving a lasting impression long after the final page is turned.

In addition to his literary pursuits, Jack T. Scully is the co-founder of Ascension Technology Corporation, a high-tech company specializing in medical instruments. Despite his busy schedule, Scully remains dedicated to his writing, using his experiences and observations to craft meaningful and impactful stories.

“Mianus Village” is Scully’s talent as a storyteller and his deep appreciation for the power of words. Through this collection, he invites readers to journey with him through the streets of Mianus Village.

About Jack T. Scully

Jack T. Scully is a graduate of St. Michael’s College (BA) with a minor in the Humanities. While there, he joined the ROTC program and later served four years in the U.S. Air Force Force. In his final service year, he was chosen to represent the Air Force at a joint services recruitment center in New York City. Currently, he lives in Colchester, Vermont, with his wife, teen-age son, and a justifiably pampered cat near Lake Champlain.

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