“The Iron Cowboy: Conquer 100” Wins Silver For Long-Form, Non-Broadcast Documentary at the 45th Telly Awards
“The Iron Cowboy: Conquer 100” Wins Silver For Long-Form, Non-Broadcast Documentary at the 45th Telly Awards

The Iron Cowboy: Conquer 100 Presented By Abundance Studios®

Award-Winning Documentary Chronicles James Lawrence’s Extraordinary Feat of Endurance

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Abundance Studios® in association with DNA Films proudly announces that the documentary film “The Iron Cowboy: Conquer 100” has been honored with a prestigious Silver Telly Award. The film captures the awe-inspiring journey of James Lawrence, who undertook the monumental challenge of completing 100 Iron distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days, pushing the boundaries of human endurance and inspiring countless individuals worldwide.

Directed by the Emmy® Award-Winning Nick Nanton, “The Iron Cowboy: Conquer 100” showcases Lawrence’s relentless determination and the profound impact of his journey on both himself and those who followed his incredible story.

“We are thrilled and honored to receive this recognition from the Telly Awards,” said James Lawrence. “This documentary is not just about my journey but about the power of perseverance, community, and the human spirit. I hope it inspires others to push beyond their limits and believe that anything is possible.”

Director Nick Nanton shared his excitement about the award: “Creating ‘The Iron Cowboy: Conquer 100’ was an extraordinary experience. James’s story is a testament to the strength of the human will and the incredible feats that can be achieved with determination and support. This award is a reflection of the hard work and passion of everyone involved in the film. I’m deeply grateful to our team and the funding producers for making this project a reality.”

The film was made possible thanks to the funding from Abundance Studios Executive Producers (Nick Nanton, Drew Pearson, Vess Pearson, Nick Ruff, Peter D’Arruda, Chuck McDowell, Didi Wong, Chris Wiser, Jennifer Perri, Kevin Hodes, Wayne Pernell, and Giovanni Marsico) and Producers (Craig Lack, Julie Meates, Fred Rouse, Richard Tyler, Daniel Mangena, Michael Reza, Gary Marriage, George McCranie, Charlie Epstein, Ryan Chute, Paul Peters, Bryan Gallinger, Kathleen Forrest, and Frank Astorino). This cause-based studio is committed to raising awareness around critical issues the world is facing and the most inspiring people in the world.

About James Lawrence

James Lawrence, known as the Iron Cowboy, is a world-renowned endurance athlete who has continually redefined the limits of human potential. Through his remarkable achievements and motivational speaking, he inspires individuals around the globe to pursue their dreams and conquer their own challenges.

About Abundance Studios®

Abundance Studios® is a cause-based studio committed to raising awareness around critical issues the society is facing as well as sharing the stories of the most inspiring people in the world. With a commitment to excellence in storytelling and cinematic quality, the studio strives to inform, inspire, and drive positive change through its films.

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