Paula Vail, Award-Winning Author and Reiki Master and Teacher Celebrates 25 Years of Reiki
Paula Vail, Award-Winning Author and Reiki Master and Teacher Celebrates 25 Years of Reiki

Paula A. Vail

Paula Vail giving Reiki to a patient. Photo provided by Paula Vail.

Photo of Peru Meditation provided by Paula Vail.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2024 / — Paula Vail, an esteemed Reiki master/teacher and award-winning author of the international best-seller book “Why Am I So Happy,” is proud to commemorate 25 years of dedicated practice in the art of Reiki. This significant milestone is a testament to her passion for healing, beginning with a heartfelt journey that took the step to learn Reiki to help her beloved pet, Shotzy. Her journey into Reiki unfolded as she witnessed Reiki’s remarkable healing effects on her canine friend, an experience that ignited a lifelong dedication to this ancient healing practice.

“It’s been a life’s dream fulfilled to be a Reiki master and teacher,” exclaims Vail.

In 2008, Vail founded Wellness Inspired, driven by the desire to extend the healing benefits of Reiki to both humans and animals, coupled with educating and empowering others. Paula has administered her healing prowess to a diverse audience, including patients suffering from deadly forms of cancer and injured wildlife,

Her first radio show on Voice America, ‘For the Love of Reiki,’ was pivotal in introducing her to long-distance Reiki. This positive energy resonated and expanded to her show ‘Why Am I So Happy?’ on the BBS Radio Network, reaching a broader audience with the message of well-being and self-empowerment.

Paula Vail’s global journey in Reiki has taken her to various corners of the world. Vail is well-versed in Shamanism and Quantum Healing, adopting the shaman name Shan Tara. A Master Teacher of Usui and Karuna® Reiki, she was Shamanism trained in Sedona, AZ. Vail received her Usui Master training in Machu Picchu, Peru, under the guidance of esteemed instructors, including Shamans. As a Level III Master in Serenity Vibrational Healing with crystal bowls and illumination, she combines traditional teachings with innovative techniques.

In 2019, Vail achieved a significant milestone by publishing her debut book, “Why Am I So Happy?” The book garnered prestigious accolades and positioned her among America’s Leading Ladies, alongside luminaries like Oprah Winfrey and Melinda Gates. Building on this success, she co-authored and published “Beyond Wellness: Usui Reiki Training Manual Levels I & II” in 2021, contributing to the Reiki education and practice field.

As Paula Vail reflects on 25 years of Reiki mastery, her journey stands as a beacon of inspiration, bringing healing and empowerment to countless lives. The legacy she has built through Wellness Inspired and her contributions to literature underscore her commitment to making the transformative power of Reiki accessible to all.

“Reiki has had a life-changing effect on me, and I am committed to giving and teaching Reiki as my life’s work,” says Vail.

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