Muzaffar Hussain’s New Book ‘Truth Is Eternal’ Offers Martian’s Perspective On Humanity’s Biggest Challenges
Muzaffar Hussain’s New Book ‘Truth Is Eternal’ Offers Martian’s Perspective On Humanity’s Biggest Challenges

Truth Is Eternal Book Cover

Muzaffar Hussain’s “Truth is Eternal” provides a critical and satirical look at human society’s complexities, offering insights from a Martian observer.

Truth is Eternal is a call to action, urging readers to embrace truth, justice, and love for a more harmonious world.”

— Muzaffar Hussain

CASTRO VALLEY, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 / — In a thought-provoking and unconventional new book, Muzaffar Hussain shares observations and insights gleaned from decades of observing human society. “Truth is Eternal” offers a perspective on the complexities of human nature, politics, and global issues.

About the Book:

Written from the perspective of a Martian observer, this book offers a critical perspective on human history, politics, and societal issues. The Martian’s observations, often presented with satire and dark humor, challenge conventional narratives and expose the hypocrisy and flaws in human behavior. The book delves into various topics, including the Israel-Palestine conflict, the role of the media, the dangers of artificial intelligence, and the potential for a new world order. The book raises important questions about truth, justice, and the future of humanity.

The Illusion of Western Superiority:

The book challenges the notion of Western exceptionalism, arguing that the West’s self-proclaimed superiority is a facade masking a history of violence, exploitation, and hypocrisy.

The Power of Truth and Lies:

The book emphasizes the importance of truth as the foundation of justice and peace while exposing the destructive nature of lies and propaganda in shaping human society.

The Media’s Manipulation:

The book criticizes the mainstream media for its role in perpetuating falsehoods, manipulating public opinion, and fueling conflicts to serve the interests of the powerful.

The Israel-Palestine Conflict:

It delves into the complexities of the conflict, condemning the violence and injustice inflicted upon the Palestinian people and calling for a just resolution.

The Rise of a New World Order:

The book envisions a shift in global power dynamics, with the emergence of a new alliance led by China and Russia, offering hope for a more equitable and peaceful world.

The Importance of Unity:

The author stresses the need for unity among Earthlings to overcome the challenges facing the planet, such as climate change, inequality, and conflict.

The Role of Women in Leadership:

The book advocates for empowering women in leadership positions, highlighting their potential to bring about positive change through compassion, empathy, and cooperation.

The Destructive Nature of War:

The author condemns the endless cycle of violence and war, emphasizing the devastating consequences for humanity and the planet.

The Need for Justice and Accountability:

The book calls for holding individuals and nations accountable for their actions, particularly those perpetuating violence and injustice.

The Hope for a Better Future:

Despite the grim realities in the book, the Martian maintains hope for a better future for humanity, urging Earthlings to embrace truth, justice, and love to create a more harmonious world.

About the Author:

Muzaffar Hussain, a proud US citizen, veteran, and senior citizen, has experienced a deep internal conflict due to recent events in Gaza. Witnessing these tragedies has challenged his patriotism, leading him to express his emotions and struggles in this book. As he approaches the end of his journey on Earth, Hussain remains committed to speaking out against injustice and tyranny, hoping to inspire change and a better future for humanity.


Available on Amazon, ‘Truth is Eternal’ is a call to action, urging readers to question the status quo and strive for a more just and equitable future.

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