Kingdom of Fallen: Ocean Tian Qiu’s Last Stand – A Unique Survival Adventure Experience
Kingdom of Fallen: Ocean Tian Qiu’s Last Stand – A Unique Survival Adventure Experience

Ocean Tian Qiu

Ocean Tian Qiu

Ocean Tian Qiu

Ocean Tian Qiu

Ocean Tian Qiu

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 / — In the immersive realm of gaming, where survival meets the challenge of epic battles and mysterious quests, one title stands out: Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand. At the beginning, the production was created in the survival genre and with elements of Souls-like. In this game, players have to find clues related to their lost daughter, to fight formidable enemies and to make necessary tools in order to deal with dangers of a cursed kingdom.

Ocean Tian Qiu, the visionary behind Kingdom of Fallen, prodded his appetite for survival games, which he would compare to Valheim or the captivating intricacy of Elden Ring.His plan was to create a gameplay mode that would combine the goodness of both genres: immersive action and compelling gameplay. He wanted to create a game that would be a whole new experience.

Ocean Tian Qiu was thrilled in this developing process in the game when his social circle was coming alive with over 100 supporters. Communicating with players on Twitter, through Instagram posts and sending emails, and a personal perspective of players on how much they appreciate the output have been very pleasing for him.

Work on this game was not without its share of problems: unlike the other previously mentioned topics, which might fall into a category of what could be called rather “necessary evils,” creating thrilling visual effects, gameplay functionality performance, and plenty of exciting game mechanics that have become a norm required a lot of exploring with more or less unknown and uncommon ways of doing things. Knowing this and keeping in mind the maxim ‘whatever does not kill one, makes one stronger’, the development team saw how these setbacks could strengthen the gamers’ experience, giving them an edge more than anything other developers could ever hope to achieve.

One of the most beautiful moments of designing this game has been through seeing the players to be in harmony with the game, overcome the difficulties and to tell others about it. This game has been traveled since it got 10,000 downloads and 13,000 wishlists on Steam at the latest and this could make fans anxious to see Kingdom of Fallen to be released on May 16th, 2024.’The most rewarding aspect of designing Kingdom of Fallen was undoubtedly the opportunity to witness players engaging with our demo version during events like the Steam Next festival, where we garnered 12,000+ downloads. Seeing players immerse themselves in our game, exploring its world, and experiencing its mechanics firsthand was incredibly gratifying. Each download represented not just a number, but a connection made with someone who found enjoyment and excitement in what we had created,’ said Tian.

On his way to building this game, Ocean Tian Qiu is not only expressing his thanks to past lessons, but also harvesting new ones. Gameplay systems have been refined, and teamwork has both shaped and solidified his strategy of involvement in game development, introducing higher self-assurance and creativity in him.

As the “Kingdom of Fallen” is nearing launch, Ocean Tian Qiu is calling all adventure lovers to make a journey like no other with them. Kingdom of Fallen offers a unique blend of survival mechanics, Souls-like difficulty, and finest world-building settings, all of which combined result to an exceptional immersion-creating gaming experience that will captivate users worldwide.
Before entering darkness straight, we have to understand that it’s not all fairy tales and rainbows but it is a hard way of climbing success. For every victory, we have to work hard. Wishlist Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand will be available on Steam on the dot of the announcement and so we are inviting you to join the gang of adventurers who are waiting to find out what the mysteries of the cursed kingdom might hold for them.

As a senior VFX artist of Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand, he played a central role in crafting captivating visual effects to heighten the gameplay. From spellbinding spells to energetic environments, he detailed it all.

For more information about Ocean Tian Qiu and Kingdom of Fallen: The Last Stand, visit his website at or check out his Artstation profile at

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