HOMESTEAD and Bakcou: A Groundbreaking Partnership for Adventure-Ready Storytelling
HOMESTEAD and Bakcou: A Groundbreaking Partnership for Adventure-Ready Storytelling

Bakcou’s electric adventure bike on the set of Angel Studio’s Homestead

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — The creative team behind HOMESTEAD, the highly anticipated new project set to redefine the post-apocalyptic genre in both film and television, is excited to announce an innovative partnership with Bakcou, the leading name in electric adventure bikes. This groundbreaking venture promises to captivate audiences with its intense family survival drama.

HOMESTEAD is produced by Angel Studios (The Chosen, Sound of Freedom, Cabrini), is based on the Best-Selling Black Autumn book series by Jason Ross and Jeff Kirkham (selling over 750,000 copies worldwide), and will be in theaters nationwide this December. See the teaser trailer HERE.

Within the framework of this collaboration, Bakcou’s industry-leading electric bikes are integrated into the gripping HOMESTEAD narrative, offering viewers an up-close look at critical alternative transportation in a post-apocalyptic world. This integration not only elevates the series’ authenticity, but also empowers viewers to explore Bakcou’s robust solutions for their own adventures.

“Our collaboration with Bakcou is a perfect match,” according to Ben Kasica, Producer and Show Runner of HOMESTEAD. “Their commitment to creating top-tier electric bikes for the outdoors aligns with our dedication to realism and adventure in our storytelling. We’re beyond thrilled to introduce our audience to a mode of transport that’s both thrilling and practical.”

Dave Andre, CEO at Bakcou adds, “Bakcou stands at the forefront of outdoor adventure, providing electric bikes that redefine the boundaries of exploration. Joining forces with HOMESTEAD allows us to showcase our bikes in scenarios that underline their power, durability, and versatility.”

HOMESTEAD is not just another cinematic adaptation; it’s a visionary hybrid concept that transcends conventional storytelling boundaries across film and TV, premiering first as a feature film in theaters Christmas of 2024, then transitioning into a television series.


Homestead is an intense post-apocalyptic family survival drama. Ex-Green Beret Jeff Eriksson takes a job as head of security at an elaborate prepper compound, “The Homestead,” as the world crumbles. Inside, they face resource wars and ideological conflicts, while outside, chaos reigns. Amid the mayhem, unity and forgotten truths emerge as love grows in unexpected places and the community strives to cultivate the land and fend off impending destruction. Learn more at

About Bakcou

Bakcou is dedicated to engineering the best electric bikes on the market, combining rugged durability with long range power. Designed by hunters for hunters, Bakcou’s bikes are tailored for traversing the toughest terrains, ensuring silent, efficient, and powerful assistance on any adventure. Embraced by outdoor enthusiasts, Bakcou is redefining the future of outdoor mobility. Learn more at

About Angel Studios

Angel Studios brings stories that amplify light to mainstream audiences. Through the Angel Guild, 317,000 members choose which film and television projects the studio will market and distribute. The studio enables creators and audiences to form passionate communities around creative projects, making the story behind the story as important as the final project. 104,000 Angel Guild members in 155 countries have invested nearly $80M in projects distributed by the studio to date. Angel Studios is behind the global box office hit, SOUND OF FREEDOM, which has earned $250 million in global box office. Learn more at

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