First Official Passport Bros Novel Gets Number 1 New Release
First Official Passport Bros Novel Gets Number 1 New Release

Passport Inc. Coming to Audible

Passport Inc. A Dark Comedy About American Dating sails to the number #1 new release spot for Travel Humor on Amazon

This book forces us all to examine ourselves in Western Civilization”

— E.J. Wade

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, February 29, 2024 / — Passport Inc. A Dark Comedy About American Dating was released on Amazon and quickly sailed to the number #1 new release spot in Travel Humor. The dark comedy written by E.J. Wade is sure to get mixed feelings. E.J. Wade, who is known for writing history novels such as Then the Earth Swallowed them Whole the Secret of Circular 3591, has decided to release a “pet project”.

Travelling abroad and finding love is nothing new. The difference is Black American men have joined in on the trend enjoyed for decades by their white counterparts and military veterans. When it became popular on social media, people were quick to publish agenda driven books, but E.J. Wade took a different approach. He wrote a novel poking fun at how sad dating in the ” west” has become. A novel so unbiased that he even makes fun of himself. Passport Inc. A Dark Comedy About American Dating will make readers laugh and cry, as it holds up a mirror to modern society. He does not shy away from the good, bad, and the ugly including women making fun of male travelers who have lost their lives. A very serious topic that has become a social media joke.

” What I didn’t want to do was attempt to be a stand-up comedian, but instead I focused on my strengths. I studied the late Patrice O’neal and Whitney Cummings. I didn’t want the humor to be catered to one audience. I wanted to write a good story.”

E.J. Wade delivered a breakout story that captures both sides of the debate and leaves the reader with a sober message of looking in the mirror as marital rates begin to drop in certain countries. He highlights what happens when we let social media influence us too much and gives backstory that allows readers to understand the development of the characters. But the biggest character arch, we are told is reserved for Passport Inc. 2, the untitled sequel. The first Act begins with black American men, but soon the story spreads to people from all walks of life as men and women join into an accidental battle of the sexes that can only leave them frustrated. The upcoming sequel even focuses some on Asian culture. As the author prepares an actual trip to Asia.

” I wanted to begin to write about a universal message. I spent 4 years writing about American history, but the world is big.”

Whether you are a fan of the “Passport Bros” or you can’t stand them, this novel may interest you. If you are a fan of dark humor or novels related to the crazy world of dating and social media, this book may make its way to your shelf. The author does not praise the Passport Bros or target them with false claims of sex trafficking like some angry women have done. Instead, he delivers a story that makes you pay attention to the world.

” I have been threatened with poor reviews from people who have not read my work, only to have them turn around and say it was interesting.”

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