Filmmaker Philip Henry Partners with The Dynamite Network to Stream 11 New Films
Filmmaker Philip Henry Partners with The Dynamite Network to Stream 11 New Films

DALLAS, TX, USA, April 4, 2024 / — Acclaimed Irish filmmaker Philip Henry has announced a groundbreaking partnership with The Dynamite Network to stream 11 of his captivating short films. The collaboration offers viewers an exciting opportunity to delve into Henry’s diverse and compelling storytelling, ranging from intense thrillers to poignant dramas.

The curated selection of films includes:

– **OUT OF HER HEAD (2023)**

*Duration: 8mins*

Synopsis: After a bad break-up, a woman’s depression manifests itself physically.

Cast: Christine Clark, Faye Amélie Virtue, Julie Virtue.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **STAR 13 (2022)**

*Duration: 6mins*

Synopsis: A young girl has to fend for herself as her mother struggles with her own problems.

Cast: Faye Amélie Virtue, Julie Virtue.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry


*Duration: 9mins*

Synopsis: A boyfriend and girlfriend separated during a pandemic communicate via Skype.

Cast: Christine Clark, Glenn McGivern, Hannah Gamble.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **CROHN’S, ACTUALLY (2019)**

*Duration: 14mins*

Synopsis: A man suffering from Crohn’s Disease tries to hide his condition when he goes out on a date.

Cast: Glenn McGivern, Christine Clark, Joanna O’Neill, PJ Davey.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **DEADSPOT (2017)**

*Duration: 10mins*

Synopsis: A detective must discover the location of a kidnapped girl before she runs out of air.

Cast: Maeve Smyth, Glenn McGivern, Neill Virtue, Hannah Le Fondré.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **NANNY-CAM (2017)**

*Duration: 11mins*

Synopsis: A babysitter gets more than she bargained for when she agrees to watch young Zoe while her parents are out.

Cast: Joanna O’Neill, Emilia Corr, Liza Ackermann, Philip Henry.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **LOVE BITES (2016)**

*Duration: 12mins*

Synopsis: While out feeding, two married vampires come across a courting couple who stir up old regrets from their past.

Cast: Ciaran McCourt, Annie McCarroll, Rachael Galloway, Gary Wales.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **DECISIONS (2016)**

*Duration: 10mins*

Synopsis: After the murder of his wife, Michael tracks down the man who did it, but when he shows up at his door, he has a decision to make.

Cast: Neill Virtue, Robert Render, Rachael Galloway, Liza Ackermann.

Written by Peter Ohara. Directed by Philip Henry

– **NOIRLAND (2014)**

*Duration: 104mins*

Synopsis: In Northern Ireland’s first crime anthology, three stories are woven together as the murder of a female college student is investigated.

Cast: Julie Virtue, Neill Virtue, Conor Barr, Richard Sherwood, Carleen Melaugh, Robert Render, Liza Ackermann, Andrew Porter, Shane McCaffrey.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **GHOSTS OF US (2012)**

*Duration: 21mins*

Synopsis: When their marriage is in a rut, a middle-aged couple travel to their favorite holiday cottage. During one lost hour, they rediscover who they used to be and reveal secrets long buried.

Cast: Michael Anluan, Carleen Melaugh, Thomas Smyth, Maggie Mongomery.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

– **WORKING LATE (2011)**

*Duration: 17mins*

Synopsis: Female employees working a night shift in an office block become increasingly suspicious of their male co-worker when the radio informs them about several mysterious murders.

Cast: Carleen Melaugh, Cal Hunter, Liza Ackermann.

Written & Directed by Philip Henry

Philip Henry’s unique storytelling and ability to create captivating narratives have garnered him international acclaim. His films have been praised for their depth, creativity, and emotional resonance.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Dynamite Network to bring these films to a wider audience,” said Philip Henry. “Ireland has a rich history of storytelling, and I’m honored to contribute to that legacy with my films. I hope viewers will enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed creating them.”

The films will be available for streaming on The Dynamite Network platform starting beginning Thursday, April 4th, 2024. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the cinematic brilliance of Philip Henry.

**About Philip Henry**

Philip Henry is an award-winning filmmaker from Ireland known for his diverse range of short films that explore themes of love, loss, mystery, and human connection. With a keen eye for detail and a unique storytelling style, Henry has established himself as a prominent voice in the world of independent cinema.

**About The Dynamite Network**

The Dynamite Network is a leading streaming platform that showcases a diverse range of independent films, documentaries, and series from around the world. Committed to promoting emerging filmmakers and unique storytelling, The Dynamite Network provides a platform for artists to share their vision with a global audience.

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