Dudley Peters’ Fiction Novel ‘Anxiety’ Explores the Dark Side of Wealth and the Resilience of Friendship
Dudley Peters’ Fiction Novel ‘Anxiety’ Explores the Dark Side of Wealth and the Resilience of Friendship

Anxiety Book Cover

“Anxiety” by Dudley Peters explores wealth’s dark side and the resilience of friendship in a thrilling tale of kidnapping, intrigue, and redemption.

A tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat, showcasing the power of friendship and the dangers of greed.”

— Dudley Peters

SAINT MICHAELS, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dudley Peters announces the release of his new fiction novel, “Anxiety,” a gripping tale that explores the complexities of relationships, the dangers of greed, and the enduring power of friendship.

About the Book:

‘Anxiety’ is a thrilling novel by Dudley Peters that follows the intertwined lives of Natalie Flores and Susan Quinn, two young women from different backgrounds. Natalie’s new job at a furniture store, owned by the enigmatic Steve Williams takes an unexpected turn when she befriends Susan, the daughter of Akron’s wealthiest man. Their lives are thrown into chaos when they are kidnapped during a vacation in the Bahamas, leading to a desperate race against time to save them. As the FBI and local police investigate, a web of criminal activity is revealed, and the truth behind the kidnapping comes to light.

New Beginnings and Unexpected Turns:

A young woman named Natalie, seeking a fresh start, finds herself in a new job at a furniture store, unaware of the twists and turns her life is about to take.

The Enigmatic Owner:

The furniture store’s owner, Steve, takes a keen interest in Natalie, while his wife, Bess, harbors suspicions about their connection.

A Blossoming Friendship Amidst Secrets:

Natalie’s friendship with Susan, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, deepens, but secrets and hidden motives lurk beneath the surface.

A Dream Vacation Turns Nightmare:

A tropical getaway to the Bahamas becomes a harrowing ordeal as Natalie and Susan are kidnapped, leaving their loved ones in anguish.

Desperate Measures and a Race Against Time:

A ransom demand of two million dollars sets off a frantic race against time to save Natalie and Susan from their captors.

The Unraveling of a Criminal Web:

A web of illegal activities starts to come together as the FBI and local police investigate, exposing surprising connections and dangerous alliances.

Unmasking the Mastermind:

The investigation takes a dramatic turn as the FBI closes in on the mastermind behind the kidnapping, leading to a shocking revelation that will change everything.

A Twist of Fate and a Narrow Escape:

A daring escape leads Natalie and Susan to safety, but the ordeal leaves them shaken and forever changed.

The Aftermath:

In the aftermath of the kidnapping, Natalie and Susan try to rebuild their lives, haunted by the trauma they endured.

About the Author:

Dudley Peters was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and began writing novels in 2020. Peters’ family moved to Maryland in 1940, and he graduated from Oxon Hill High School in 1953 as class president. He served in the US Navy Reserves for eight years and married his high school sweetheart in 1954. Peters opened a construction business in 1955 and is a past Master of Anacostia Masonic Lodge, past President of South Gate Lions Club, and past President of Maryland VIP Club. He retired in 2000 and now resides in Saint Michaels, Maryland, where he enjoys writing interesting and enjoyable novels.


Available on Amazon, “Anxiety” is a must-read for fans of suspenseful thrillers and anyone who has ever experienced the challenges and rewards of friendship.

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