Chris Yogerst, Acclaimed Author and Film Historian, Receives Rave Reviews for Latest Book in Sight and Sound Magazine
Chris Yogerst, Acclaimed Author and Film Historian, Receives Rave Reviews for Latest Book in Sight and Sound Magazine

Chris Yogerst

“The Warner Brothers” has earned a full feature in Sight and Sound Magazine Spring Edition, further solidifying Yogerst’s Book as a historical masterpiece.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2024 / — Chris Yogerst, an internationally revered author and accomplished film historian, has garnered a feature book review in the exclusive Sight and Sound Magazine. Reviewed by Philip Kemp, Yogerst’s book “The Warner Brothers” is not just a book but a literary staple in preserving one of the greatest Hollywood legacies. “There’s so much in these pages, so many fascinating stories and riveting accounts of events, and all of it is so well told,” said Kemp. Through unequivocal accounts of their rise to the top, Yogerst’s work details the Warner Brothers’ unparalleled struggles, sacrifices, and ultimate triumphs, making it a must-read for any Hollywood history enthusiast.

In Kemp’s review, he marvels at how Yogerst contrasts Harry and Jack Warner, two of the four co-founders of The Warner Brothers, who are prominently featured in the book. He shows how Harry, a family man, remained steadfast to Jewish values while his brother Jack, who was twice married, preferred to live in the fast lane. Yogerst also discusses Albert and Sam Warner, who took on less public roles but were equally important.

The Warner Brothers fought racism, war, and poverty to become the first Hollywood studio to “put decency ahead of profit.” Their rise to the top was epic, a testament to their resilience and determination. Unfortunately, the ending is not so picturesque. “They all got into the film industry together, and they should leave together… Respecting the wishes of their father,” wrote Yogerst. However, Jack slighted his brothers and deviously bought his way into the company, serving as President—a decision that caused Harry to stop speaking to him. Despite the challenges, their story is one of inspiration and success.

Kemp’s review of this historical masterpiece underscores Yogerst’s book as the leading source for understanding and appreciating one of America’s defining legacies, the Warner Brothers.

Chris Yogerst is a versatile writer and cultural commentator exploring the intersection of popular culture and society. With a wealth of media appearances and publications in esteemed outlets like NPR and The Washington Post, Yogerst’s expertise is widely recognized. His book, “Hollywood Hates Hitler,” analyzes American fascism and anti-Semitism leading up to the 1941 Senate Investigation into Motion Picture Propaganda. Released in September 2023, “The Warner Brothers” has earned accolades from publications such as The Hollywood Reporter and The Wall Street Journal, further solidifying Yogerst’s reputation as a prominent voice in cultural analysis.

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