Belgian Director Olivier Hero Dressen Introduces Groundbreaking xSuit Commercial in Hollywood
Belgian Director Olivier Hero Dressen Introduces Groundbreaking xSuit Commercial in Hollywood

Captivating aerial view of Los Angeles’ iconic 6th Bridge, setting the stage for the xSuit action saga directed by Olivier Hero Dressen.

Vladislav Litvinenko, wearing xSuit, is being chased through the neon-lit streets of Downtown Los Angeles at night, showcasing dynamic elegance in Olivier Hero Dressen's commercial.

Vladislav Litvinenko, in a sharp xSuit, races through Downtown LA’s night, embodying elegance in motion, in this gripping scene by Olivier Hero Dressen.

A mysterious muscle car relentlessly chases Vladislav Litvinenko through the dark, neon-lit streets of Los Angeles, a tense moment in Olivier Hero Dressen's xSuit commercial.

In the heart of the night, Vladislav Litvinenko is pursued by a shadowy muscle car through the streets of Los Angeles, a captivating chase scene from Olivier Hero Dressen’s lens.

Discover ‘Race Against Time’, a stylish, action-packed suit commercial by Olivier Hero Dressen starring Vlad Litvinenko and featuring stunts by Paul Darnell.

We aimed to embody the action genre with chases, stunts, and LA’s vibe. Zach Lazar Hoffman’s voiceover and the xSuit’s versatility pay homage to both the genre and the suit’s ingenuity.”

— Olivier Hero Dressen

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 / — Belgian Director Olivier Hero Dressen Introduces Groundbreaking xSuit Commercial in Hollywood.

The latest xSuit commercial, “Race Against Time,” was masterfully directed by Belgian talent Olivier Hero Dressen and produced by Studio Supreme. It showcases the essence of high-octane action melded with the sleek sophistication of modern professional wear.

Produced with the expertise of LA Producer Constance Powis and CN Producer Camilla Wang, the project features an international crew, highlighting the remarkable agility and elegance of the xSuit against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles. The commercial stars Vladislav Litvinenko, known for his captivating dance performance alongside Ryan Gosling at the Oscars, embodying the dynamic spirit of the modern man. Paul Darnell, acclaimed for his recent Emmy Award-winning work on the stunts for the Disney series “The Mandalorian,” not only features in the commercial but also masterminds the breathtaking stunt choreography, bringing the action to life.

The Belgian and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in L.A. expresses its immense pride in supporting this venture, underscoring the prolific Belgian creativity flourishing in Hollywood. “Race Against Time” is a testament to the Belgian community’s innovative collaboration and exceptional talent, asserting its significant impact on the international stage.

About “Race Against Time”

The “Race Against Time” narrative is a compelling journey of a man against the clock, striving to reach a crucial board meeting. Adorned in the versatile xSuit, the protagonist navigates through myriad challenges with unmatched style and efficiency, showcasing the indispensable value of xSuit for today’s professionals. The commercial captures the scenic allure of Los Angeles and features a stellar international crew, including Emmy Award winner Paul Darnell, elevating the cinematic experience.


Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Olivier Hero Dressen

Cinematographer: Gareth Taylor

Lead: Vladislav Litvinenko

Stunt Coordinator/Choreographer & Feature: Paul Darnell

Voice Over by: Zach Lazar Hoffman

Editing & Colorgrading: Aaron Fuks

Sound & Post Production:

The success of “Race Against Time” is attributed to the collective brilliance of its creative team.

Watch Now

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of “Race Against Time.” View the commercial on Vimeo.

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About xSuit

Innovatively designed for the forward-thinking professional, xSuit stands at the intersection of fashion and functionality. It is the epitome of modern attire that doesn’t compromise style or comfort, embodying the future of men’s fashion.

About Olivier Hero Dressen

Olivier Hero Dressen is an award-winning director renowned for his visionary direction and compelling visual storytelling. His extensive portfolio includes commercials, music videos, and films that span the globe, consistently breaking new ground in the creative industry.

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