Author Sharon Hanzik Unleashes the Wild with “Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons”
Author Sharon Hanzik Unleashes the Wild with “Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons”

Sharon Hanzik

Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons

TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / — Dive into the untamed wonders of nature with Sharon Hanzik’s latest literary adventure, “Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons” A seasoned park ranger and captivating storyteller, Hanzik weaves a tale that not only educates young readers on raccoon behavior but also challenges misconceptions about these clever creatures. The book combines whimsical verse with vibrant cartoon images, making it an essential addition to every child’s bookshelf.

“Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons” goes beyond the ordinary children’s book, offering an immersive learning experience. Bursting with colorful illustrations and engaging rhymes, the book captures the essence of raccoons’ natural history. While staying true to elementary education standards, Hanzik encourages young minds to appreciate the beauty of wildlife and underscores the importance of coexistence.

Sharon Hanzik, a Texan naturalist with a heart for conservation, spent over three decades as a park ranger at Brazos Bend State Park/Texas Parks & Wildlife. Raised in rural Southeast Texas, she shares her love for the great outdoors through enchanting stories that blend education with entertainment. Now retired and a proud member of the Texas Master Naturalist Volunteer Organization, Hanzik continues to inspire curiosity about the natural world.

In forthcoming literary works by Hanzik, titles such as “Playing Possum,” “Hoo Goes There?,” “The Oddest Otter”, “Tula Tarantula”, and “Prairie Dog Patrol” (written but not yet published) promise to provide enthralling narratives. Each of these books serves as a distinctive window into the captivating world of wildlife, transforming the process of learning into a thrilling and imaginative journey.

In ” Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons,” Sharon Hanzik invites readers to reconsider the common myths surrounding raccoons. Beyond the spoon-related anecdotes, the book conveys a crucial message: “Respect the Raccoon!” Through clever storytelling, Hanzik emphasizes the adaptability of these camouflaged bandits and advocates for the preservation of their natural habitats.

The genesis of “Raccoons Don’t Use Spoons” stems from Hanzik’s passion for educating young minds during story time programs. Witnessing the lack of suitable material, she took it upon herself to craft an entertaining and enlightening narrative. The positive reception from audiences, unaware of Hanzik’s authorship during initial readings, affirmed the book’s universal appeal.

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