Author Richard Halvey Unveils a Tale of Nostalgia, Teamwork and Ambition in his First Fictional Novel
Author Richard Halvey Unveils a Tale of Nostalgia, Teamwork and Ambition in his First Fictional Novel


The Kingpings of Riverbend

“The Kingpins of Riverbend”

AMSTERDAM, NY, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2024 / — Inspired author Richard Halvey takes readers on a captivating journey to the fictional city of Riverbend in upstate New York with his first fictional novel “The Kingpins of Riverbend.” Set in 1968, Mr. Halvey weaves a tale that explores the lives of seven pinboys working at an old, six lane bowling alley, each grappling with their futures as the dying town faces an uncertain future.

The story unfolds in Riverbend, a city on the Mohawk River not far from Albany. The once prosperous city became desperate when the large employers shut down. The city leaders worked hard to make the city prosperous again but nothing they tried worked. Public Works Director Tony Gallo becomes a pivotal figure, advocating for the demolition of the quaint downtown to make way for a shopping mall. Not only would it help the city, but it would also line Gallo’s pocket. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Gallo persuades Riverbend’s best bowler, nicknamed Mingo, to face off against the country’s top professional bowler, P.J. Peckham in the match of the century with an outcome a surprise to all.

Author Richard Halvey, born in 1953 in Amsterdam, NY brings a unique blend of experiences to his writing. He achieved an undergraduate degree in Geography and Economics. He completed his graduate work in Geography and City Planning at the University of Colorado. Mr. Halvey spent two decades at the Colorado Department of Health and Environment before dedicating 17 years at the prestigious Western Governors’ Association.

Mr. Halvey’s extensive background in air pollution control, energy, climate change and other environmental issues is reflected in his professional and fictional writing. Apart from “The Kingpins of Riverbend”, he has contributed to horseracing magazines, law journals, environmental publications and even a college textbook.

“The Kingpins of Riverbend” is the first book in the pinboy trilogy, with the second installment titled, “In a Time of Sorrow and Change” already available through major retailers and Amazon.

When asked about the inspiration behind his venture into fiction, Mr. Halvey stated, “Nothing in particular. I decided I was a good enough writer to take a shot at fiction, and I wanted to make a unique book out of kids, bowling and bad guys. I never expected the amount of attention the book received.”

In a heartfelt message to readers, Mr. Halvey shares “I always thought good books have three things: true love, true friendship, and a connection with the reader. I hope mine does. Everybody has a story to tell.

“The Kingpins of Riverbend” is now available for purchase, offering readers a nostalgic and thought-provoking exploration of the past and the possibilities that lie ahead.

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