AudioLife Announces Official Launch, Revolutionizing Memoirs
AudioLife Announces Official Launch, Revolutionizing Memoirs

Offering a groundbreaking service that transforms personal stories into private podcasts.

NEW ORLEANS, LA, USA, February 20, 2024 / — In an innovative leap forward, announces its official launch, offering a groundbreaking service that transforms personal stories into private podcasts. Founded in October 2023 by a dynamic trio – Carrie Purcell from Toronto, Ghafoor Masood from Ireland, and Joe Marckx from California – that met during their Executive MBA program, AudioLife is set to redefine the landscape of memoirs through the power of the voice.

Born out of shared experience, the founders have embarked on a mission to capture and preserve life stories in the most authentic form possible: through one’s own voice. AudioLife marries the intimacy of storytelling with the first-of-its-kind platform where memories and life lessons are not just saved, but brought to life for future generations to cherish.

A Personal Quest Turns Global Mission

The inception of AudioLife stems from a universal regret – the loss of loved ones without fully capturing their life stories. Determined to fill this gap, Carrie, Ghafoor, and Joe designed a service that is not only accessible and affordable, but deeply personal and engaging. AudioLife stands as a testament to their belief in the importance of preserving legacies, offering a service where everyone’s story can be told and valued.

Meet the Founders: Innovators with a Vision

Carrie Purcell, CEO, is recognized for her entrepreneurial spirit, as a visionary leader and for her dedication to storytelling. With a rich background in digital publishing and emerging technologies, Carrie’s latest venture focuses on preserving the narratives of families and innovators alike.

Ghafoor Masood, COO, brings a wealth of experience from the IT sector, having led projects globally. His expertise in technology and operations is key to bringing AudioLife’s vision to a worldwide audience.

Joe Marckx, CMO, is known as a marketing leader and for his expertise in brand development. His personal connection to AudioLife’s mission is underscored by his family being among the first to experience the service.

Why AudioLife?

AudioLife creates more than just memoirs; it takes users on a journey into the heart of storytelling. With a quick and easy process, users can share their stories through professional interviews, resulting in high-quality audio memoirs delivered as private podcasts. This service not only provides a unique gift idea but also a means to connect families and preserve legacies in an increasingly digital world.

With a focus on privacy, users have complete control over their content and can choose to share their podcasts with family, friends, or keep them as personal treasures. Whether it’s imparting the wisdom of grandparents, sharing the adventures of youth, or chronicling the milestones of personal growth, AudioLife ensures that these stories endure.

A Future Where Every Voice is Heard

Looking ahead, AudioLife envisions a world enriched by the diverse tapestries of individual stories. By making memoirs accessible and engaging, they aim to foster a deeper connection among people and across generations.

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AudioLife is dedicated to inclusivity, diversity, and creating priceless legacies.

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