Alan V. Goldman’s Insights on Human Character Development as Mirrored in Mountain Climbing and Life’s Realities
Alan V. Goldman’s Insights on Human Character Development as Mirrored in Mountain Climbing and Life’s Realities

Goldman’s poems contain powerful musings on the parallel worlds of life’s challenges and the stark beauty and challenge of the mountains

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, February 20, 2024 / — Jump into the world of poems that traverse life’s harsh realities, drawing parallels with the challenges encountered in mountain climbing.

In the most recent version of his collection, “Reflections on Mountaineering: A Journey Through Life as Experienced in the Mountains (FIFTH Edition, Revised and Expanded) (with ADDENDUM),” Alan V. Goldman articulates words that reveal the interconnected struggles of humanity’s existence with the untamed landscapes of mountains. This delightful poetry collection gradually unveils Goldman’s thoughtfully inquisitive mind, contemplating life’s profound questions amidst the challenges presented both in “everyday life” and in surviving the harsh, unforgiving mountain environment.

Through intimate observations, the readers discover life as they know it through the magical lens of poetry, evoking a range of emotions—both fear, wonder, and awe, hand-in-hand. This book beckons readers to find their true selves in dealing with life’s hardships through a metaphorical approach mirroring the mountain’s physical challenge.

The public’s reception of the Author’s Book has been highly laudatory.

For instance, “Anna,” (a verified purchase) in AMAZON, felt: “It is a book that everyone can relate to even if they have never climbed an actual mountain. The beauty of this collection of poems is that it speaks to the metaphorical mountains we all face and how we deal with them. It is relatable to our own journey. As you read this book, you reflect on your own life and see the beauty that is around you. And this is exactly what poetry is supposed to do – evoke emotion. Overall, a great book I would recommend.” [Anna, writing in AMAZON, February 3, 2024.]

Similarly, “Denise,” (another verified purchase), enthusiastically asserted that the book contains a plethora of “incredible poems” tailored not only for enthusiasts of mountaineering, but also for those who may have varying levels of interest in the activity. Moreover, she emphasized that the book imparts profound life-lessons and sparks thought-provoking ideas, enriching the reader’s experience beyond the mere enjoyment of poetry or physical exploration. [Denise, in AMAZON, October 2, 2023.]

Tug on the rope and delve into Alan V. Goldman’s paean to the struggles in the mountain arena.

The Book is available on AMAZON, in Softcover, Hardcover and Digital (eBook) formats.

For further information, please visit the Author’s fulsome Website at

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