American Culture Club

the club for Americans at heart, all over Germany

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We’re currently an active group of around 300 folks organized on Slack, growing by the day. Our members from all across Germany post on a variety of expat-related topics in our main chat, as well as in our many channels for topics and locations.

Meet new friends, and join group chats for topics you’re interested in, like #foodies, or for your own local area, like #frankfurt!

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What is Slack?

If you’ve never used it, Slack is a messaging app for smartphone and computer that combines the spontaneity of a WhatsApp or Facebook group with the organizational advantages of a forum. All members are added to the #general channel on joining, and there are subchannels for topic-specific conversations and for local areas. Here is a list of our current channels.

Here is a quick summary of how our group works:


See you soon!